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Ikebana - Green Boat BCR14-2

The color palette is carefully chosen to reflect the subdued elegance and natural hues often found in ikebana compositions. Soft pastel tones of pale pinks, earthy greens, and gentle move dominate the painting, creating a sense of serenity and reverence. Hints of red accents add a touch of refined sophistication, reminiscent of the ornamental details occasionally found in ikebana arrangements.

Ikebana - Yellow BCR14-4

The composition is balanced and harmonious, drawing inspiration from ikebana's principle of creating a sense of equilibrium in design. Each element appears thoughtfully placed, inviting the viewer to contemplate the interplay of positive and negative spaces and the concept of "ma" – the Japanese term for the space between objects, representing the interconnectedness of all things.

Ikebana - Red Centre BCR14-5

The centerpiece of the painting appears as a focal point, suggesting the presence of an unseen floral arrangement. While the flowers and stems are not explicitly depicted, their presence is felt through the graceful curves and sweeping lines that mimic the organic forms of ikebana's elements. The viewer can almost envision the exquisite interplay of various flora, expertly arranged in harmonious balance.