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Cubism - Daisy BCR45-1

Cubism's characteristic multiple viewpoints come into play, with the daisy depicted from different angles within the same composition. Each perspective offers a new facet of the flower, challenging the viewer to piece together the different viewpoints to form a coherent whole.

Cubism - Daisy BCR45-4

The image is a tapestry of intersecting lines and geometric shapes, echoing the fragmented nature of life itself. The artist incorporates intricate patterns and subtle textures, enhancing the complexity of the composition and drawing the viewer deeper into the cubist exploration.

Cubism - Daisy BCR45-6

Light and shadow are rendered with sharp edges and dramatic contrasts, adding a sense of dimensionality to the otherwise abstract depiction. The play of light on the geometric surfaces creates a sense of movement and energy, as if it is in a perpetual state of transformation.