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Geometric - Rectangles BCR47-2

The painting is an exploration of geometric purity, where rectangles take center stage in a variety of sizes and orientations. Each rectangle is meticulously crafted with sharp, precise lines, conveying a sense of clean, architectural elegance. The artist's keen attention to detail gives the rectangles a distinct character, from bold and commanding to delicate and ethereal.

Geometric - Rectangles BCR47-5

Amidst the orderly arrangement of rectangles, negative space plays a crucial role in the painting's overall impact. The subtle interplay of empty spaces between the rectangles contributes to a sense of spaciousness and tranquility, inviting the viewer to explore the intricacies of the geometric landscape.

Geometric - Rectangles BCR47-6

The colour palette is a feast for the eyes, carefully chosen to evoke a sense of visual harmony and coherence. The artist employs a combination of bold primary colours, soft pastels, and muted neutrals, creating a captivating interplay of contrasts and complementary hues. The deliberate juxtaposition of colours serves to emphasize the dynamic relationship between the rectangles, enhancing the overall visual impact.